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Six Ability for ODM Services in China


What is the ODM Service?

ODM is the original design manufacturer in which the purchaser entrusts the manufacturer to provide all the services from research to development, design to production, and post-maintenance. In contrast, the purchaser is responsible for sales. The purchaser usually authorizes the brand, allowing the manufacturer to produce products affixed with the brand. 

The most significant difference between the ODM is that the factory only carries on contract production. Simultaneously, the ODM manufacturer completes the show’s design independently, and the buyer can affix the brand directly. 





Development ability:

(1) We give the factory our product ideas, design drawings, or design concepts, and then require the factory to help us develop the styles what we need, so we must require the factory to have the ability to create new samples. 


Management ability:

(2) The factory has professional designers and the fashion industry’s tentacles, leading the fashion trend, and developing new industry styles. 

Design ability:

(3) The factory developed new designs must meet our quality requirements, and the factory team has good quality management. 


Production capacity ability

(4) After our sample is determined, the factory’s production capacity and quality requirements must meet our quality requirements. 

Planning ability of time and delivery:

(5) The production and the delivery date of the bulk goods must be arranged reasonably and can be completed within the time determined by us, and the quality and packing can also meet our requirements. 

Cooperative ability:

(6) The factory can provide us with unique new styles every season, and we can cooperate with such factories to develop new markets all over the world.


Communication ability:

The factory can understand our ideas fully. When we have new ideas, the factory can turn our concepts into actual products. 

The factory has professional personnel and designers to understand what we mean, at least in terms of language, there is no problem with our communication.



In General. Six Ability for ODM Services is:

(1)Development ability:

(2)Management ability:

(3)Design ability

(4)Production capacity ability

(5)Cooperative ability

(6)Communication ability



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