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How to prevent new products plagiarized?

Many companies invest a lot of money and time to produce new products. but when the market recognizes the new products, it is impacted by many counterfeit goods, which will make the efforts and all the investment of the enterprise in vain, causing considerable losses to the enterprise.

To avoid such problems and the government’s need to strengthen supervision, it is more critical that our enterprises adopt advanced anti-counterfeiting measures to help our consumers quickly identify the authenticity of goods and destroy the survival soil of counterfeit goods.

The company has the concept of anti-counterfeiting:

In the concept of anti-counterfeiting, it is necessary to integrate the commodity supply chain’s traceability function with the anti-counterfeiting technology and identify the goods’ authenticity by tracing the logistics path goods. Consumers in the purchase of our belt goods, scrape open the label on the anti-counterfeiting coating (can also use laser anti-counterfeiting tag, RFID, etc.), the anti-counterfeiting serial number into the mobile phone or computer, you can get the manufacturer to provide product information and goods circulation path, and then with the goods trademark and seller information comparison, when the two aspects of data are entirely consistent, to confirm that the goods are genuine. Enterprises can also use traceability management to prevent go-betweens from fleeing goods and grasp distributors’ and retailers’ sales data in real-time.

The core competitiveness of the company:

Grasp the enterprise’s core competitiveness, such as regional advantages, supply chain, brand, accurate coverage of target groups, high user retention, and so on. Grasp the core competitiveness and combine with their products’ functions, then we believe that this part of the competition is challenging to imitate quickly.

For example, what we do is the belt industry, according to the changes of the market environment of the company, combined with the actual situation of our company, re-examine the composition of the company’s core competitiveness and make appropriate adjustments to comply with the market trend under the new position. According to the local government regulation and control measures and policies, vigorously open up the market; according to the current social attention to environmental protection, vigorously adopt ecological technology. According to the vigorous development of e-commerce, vigorously carry out network marketing, and so on.

The advanced technology of products:

For enterprises and consumers, the right product must be simple, but the logic behind it must be involved, precise, and expandable. Therefore, there needs to be the right technology behind the work, and this piece needs more research and development. For example, we make two similar products in the leather industry; if Company A develops a very fashionable technology and technology, such as laser embroidery, printing and dyeing, and high-quality cowhide, as soon as possible, this increases the plagiarism cost of plagiarism. To a certain extent, it prevents the product from being plagiarized. If Company B only develops an overall development, and the style is also prevalent in the market, it is easy to be plagiarized.

Sign a confidentiality agreement with the cooperating factory:

To prevent the newly developed products from being embezzled, you can sign a confidentiality agreement with the cooperative factory; specially declare that new styles and pictures are not circulated to other companies or individuals. Otherwise, they will stop cooperating or file lawsuits to prevent new products from plagiarizing to a certain extent!
Now with our factory cooperation with many big foreign brands, such as GAZZAZ, TOSCA BLU; RIVERS; and other companies and we develop new models every quarter, we can guarantee that their new models will not be sent to customers from other countries. Such an agreement can not only cooperate with us but also protect the rights and interests of guests.

Speed up the development of new models and always be at the forefront of the industry

Many leather companies release new models for two seasons a year. If we have all kinds of latest models on the market every recent quarter, it will enable our company to go to the industry’s forefront. After the original products have been tested by time and the market, even if other competitors want to copy, they can do nothing because we are unique new products. Even if our competitors plagiarize, it will cost them a very high cost of time and money; simultaneously, our newly developed products will be relaunched in the next quarter; this will lead us to the industry’s forefront and prevent plagiarism to no small extent.

Plagiarism, on the side, proves that our products are core competitive products; because unattractive works will not be plagiarized; therefore, since many of our products have been launched on the market, peers will inevitably take them for analysis, just like when enterprises make products, they will also refer to the effects of the same industry. Therefore, we should prevent enhancing our products’ competitive advantage while the works are plagiarized, which is the core of this paper.

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