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How to Inspect leather goods in China Factory

As an importer, it is an unavoidable topic for us to go to the Chinese factories for inspection. 

Whether it is our own inspection, agency inspection, or third-party inspection, formal and informal, in the final analysis, all these inspections and checks the quality of the products and whether the packaging is produced and arranged according to our requirements. The emphasis is on the requirements of product quality, product appearance and packaging, label, and so on. We have two options as below.

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Third-party or the agency inspects the goods:

Third-party or the agency. Such as SGS; Intertek; they will have clear testing standards and methods, the number of spot checks, how to spot check, inspect goods, inspection standards, record cards, photos, records, etc.

The disadvantage is that the cost is relatively high. Their employees may not know our products and industry, nor do they know the specific process, leading to misunderstanding or misjudgment.

Company arranges QC for inspection:

Our company’s employees are not formal to inspect the goods, but to check whether the product quality, packaging, and box marks meet our requirements.

The advantage is that we can see the finished goods, the problems we can find in the inspection, avoid and improve, another is we can strengthen the communication with the factory and improve the product quality. 
On the other hand, it can improve product quality also. It optimizes the products’ details for our end customers, such as improving the box rules and making the cartons more suitable for packing.

With many years of experience working in a factory. Outer packaging, inner packaging, finished products, accessories, quality, raw materials, etc., is an assembly line process. The factory biggest problem with this process is that it is not produced following as we requirements,

Therefore, we have to understand each production link; we should start with the raw materials, such as a belt, the leather factory, the buckle factory, the hardware factory, the accessories factory, the production workshop, and the packaging workshop. We no need to understand all the processes fully. But we need to understand this system’s process, and we have to understand how many procedures in each factory. From the beginning to the end of the train of thought is clear, do a good job of the preliminary work, then the final inspection is to check the leak and fill the gap.





First of all: ensure the quality of raw materials as our requirement. 

Second: be familiar with all aspects of the production process. 

Third: monitor the production process of the products that are strictly following the standard operation to produce. 

Fourth: Arrange for experienced employees or agents to inspect the goods to ensure that the finished products’ quality meets the requirements.



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