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How to find a good supplier?


1. Information collection of suppliers. 

Collect and summarize the supplier’s information through a professional purchasing website, or get to know the supplier by introducing friends who have already cooperated and find relevant professionals to recommend it. And search the network for specific information such as the supplier’s scale, the type of products supplied, and so on.

At present, adults’ method is to look for it directly on the website, saving the cost of money and time.


2. Inquiry of supplier. 

Inquire the supplier through online inquiry, telephone consultation, door-to-door visit, and so on. 
As for the supplier’s website, you can go to websites such as Alibaba or Make in China.


3. Selection of suppliers. 

The number of optional suppliers to select suppliers that meet their actual requirements and have a specific scale and credibility can also conduct an on-the-spot investigation and finally evaluate the most suitable suppliers.

4. Supplier evaluation. 

According to the lowest price, highest price, average price, self-valuation of similar materials in the market, and a more standard and reasonable price. 

Quality, you can ask to send samples or send customer samples for suppliers to match similar ones. 

Delivery volume, how long will it take for the ordered products to be in place, and is there any MOQ? 

Method of payment: determine the payment method, such as how much the deposit is before delivery and when the final fee will be paid.


5. Transparency. 

Today’s enterprises are no longer satisfied with the timely understanding of transportation, inventory, and order processing.

So we need to continually get information from suppliers in the upper reaches of the supply chain and customers in the lower reaches of the supply chain. Only in this way can we ensure the timely and safe delivery of our orders.


6. Comply with legal and environmental requirements. 

Government laws and environmental protection restrict more and more industries, and these restrictions are becoming more and more complex. 

As a result, there will be more demand for technologies or services to deal with security issues, trade regulations, labor disputes, and legal matters.

According to both companies’ market, find their suppliers, the company is looking for what kind of suppliers, need to pay attention to credit, price, and products, this is the most important.



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