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For beginners, if the original bill of lading has errors. what we should do?

As a beginner sourcing and import goods from China, how should we deal with the following problems? 

If this is the first time we import products from China, in the course of shipping when the goods are approaching our port, we have to arrange for import clearance; but if the factory sends us the original bill of lading, we found that there are errors. There will be problems for us to import our products, and the port’s customs will not release our goods. Under such circumstances, how can we do as far as possible to correct the mistakes as soon as possible and let the customs release? 

This is a problem that is likely to be encountered.suggestions are as follows: 

(1) We have to immediately contact the cooperative freight forwarder, correct the error on the original bill of lading, and then resend the original bill of lading to us; we will reschedule the import customs clearance; however, it should be noted that it will cost about the US $100 to change this errors and the freight of international express delivery, but in the end, the party who pays the money will have to negotiate with the forwarder. 

(2) If it is too late for us to do the customs clearance. We can also ask the forwarder to change the original bill of lading to telex, saving more than one week because of sending the original bill of lading from China to us. But we have to note that change to telex it will cost about the US $50 also.

(3) Please pay attention to whether the certificate of origin is needed for import customs clearance because the certificate of origin can save import customs duties; we can hand it over to the factory or freight forwarder in time; in general, we only need the original scanned parts, but if need the original CO. then can be sent to us together with the original bill of lading. Then we can arrange import customs clearance asap.

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