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Consultation on extra fee from the shipping company

In making orders from different countries and after the goods are exported and loaded, our factory will ask our factory staff to take photos and keep them at the bottom. This is a tiny but essential step. 

To put it simply, after the goods exported by our factory are loaded into the cabinet, the photos will be taken and sent to the customers. They will be photographed inside and outside the container, before and after loading the container. But the important thing we have to remind again: we must not lose this panoramic picture of container trailers.

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Recently I came across a case because our factory-provided this picture to help our Italian port of destination customers recover their direct economic losses. 

The reason for this is that when the customers of our factory were picking up, unloading, and returning the cabinets at the port of destination, they were asked by their shipping company to charge a so-called “washing fee” and “cleaning fee” because the goods were received. Still, their containers were dirty when they returned the cabinets, and there were many scratches on the floor. 

So how should we deal with this situation? 

At that time, our factory took pictures of the cabinets and made records. At the same time, our factory submitted the images inside the containers to the shipping company. After the final comprehensive judgment, the shipping company finally withdrew the charges to the customers at the port of destination. 

Although this is a tiny thing, it shows our factory’s meticulous tracking service to customers at a critical moment and wins customers’ trust. 

Through the above cases, we can see that it is a small but essential thing to take pictures of empty cabinets first, reflecting our service and providing the most direct evidence for follow-up problems. 

Simultaneously, after installing the cabinet, we should also take a picture to keep the bottom, even if the seal has been locked, to prove that the goods have been packed and sealed. In particular, the cabinet number and seal number should be photographed and kept at the bottom. It’s important, too. 

Overall: this is the standard operating procedure of loading supervision

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