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As a new buyer, what should I do to participate in the exhibition?

  As a new buyer, what should I do to participate in the exhibition for the first time?  Do I need an invitation letter for the domestic buyer’s license of the Canton Fair in Guangzhou, China?  The answer is: yes, finally, you can contact the factory or agency you want to get in advance to provide your identity

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Consultation on extra fee from the shipping company

In making orders from different countries and after the goods are exported and loaded, our factory will ask our factory staff to take photos and keep them at the bottom. This is a tiny but essential step.  To put it simply, after the goods exported by our factory are loaded into the cabinet, the photos will be taken

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Three risks to be paid attention to when importing from China

  Classic foreign trade case for our ref: We are a newly established company, mainly purchasing leather products from China. Such as leather, and so on. Now we have negotiated an order with a Chinese factory for nearly three months, and we have agreed on the price, packaging, delivery date, and so on, but the terms of

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Six Requirements For OEM Service in China

  What is OEM? OEM service is our own-brand products. We authorize and entrust our cooperation factory to produce our production, referred to as OEM, to undertake the manufacturer’s processing tasks (factory) called OEM manufacturers. Its products are called OEM products. To put it simply, if our leather belt products are produced in Chinese factories, and our brand

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How to choose a suitable factory in China.

  In China, the supply chain of leather goods is very complicated. There are leather factories, button factories, packaging factories, and so on. I want to share some experience with finding a factory here in China.     First, the location of the factory.  In the last two or three years, factories in China’s Yangtze River Delta and

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How to choose a man’s belt?

  Size, Material and Texture For men, the humble belt is not only a tool. It is also a fashion accessory that can emphasize and improve your clothing. How to choose a belt, we should choose from coordinating colors to the material and texture. so this article will help you to make the whole process easier. Below, our men’s

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Factory unwill to do the palletize, what should we do?

Palletize is a labor process in which goods are fixed on pallets and then packed and wrapped with film. after palletized will reduce the damaged goods and logistics costs, improve packing efficiency.  Pallets are used in conjunction with forklifts, hand-pushed flat carts, or hydraulic trucks (commonly known as Duniu), which can significantly improve logistics efficiency and reduce damage and

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6 Leather Belt Packaging Ideas

  1.Environmental Awareness; 2.Recyclable packaging; 3.Personalized packaging; 4.AHA Moment packaging; 5.Brand packaging; 6. Private customized packaging;   In international trade, the packaging of the leather belts is essential. When leather belts are exported from Chinese factories, they can protect the goods from damage, waterproof and moistureproof; unique good packaging is also a significant selling point. Improve our products’

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How to deal with the influx water into the container?

Today, let’s talk about the problems related to the intake of water into containers. Many customers who import leather goods from China will encounter this problem, so how do we deal with it? First of all, it has been tested by the professional port company that there is no problem in the container inside; the climate is good,

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What Material We Have?

We have a library full of material from leather, cowhide, suede leather, nylon, canvas, acrylic, and many others.

As part of the services for custom belts order, we offer to source for the leather should you have a particular material in mind that is not available in our library.

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All shipments handled by us will have their export permits and custom documentation done and these charges are included in the shipping charges. If you wish to make your own shipping arrangements, please note that we will base the order on a FOB (Free on board) basis And we shall not be responsible for the export clearance of the goods to your destination.
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