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Color matching and effect of women’s belts

The belt is one of the important clothing accessories, and we should pay attention to how to wear it. Otherwise, we won’t get a good matching effect.   The belt, measured by the color effect it wears, has the 4 following functions below:   1.Emphasize function 2.Coordination function 3.Waist girding function 4.Loose effect function   1.Emphasize function: use

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Belt Production Process And Quality Inspection

1. Cut the skin. 2. Spray glue, machine glue, fit.3. Shovel leather skin.4. Cutting body leather materials. 5. Punch. 6. Oil edge.7. Dyeing. 8. Hardware. 9. Manual.10. Embroidery and screen printing.11.Weaving.12.Needle thread.13. Branding and embossing.14. Cleaning.15. Packaging.

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Process of how to make a leather belt

  The belt general process as follows: 1.Material selection 2.Opening-dyeing and finishing 3.Punching 4.Assembly line 5.Stitching 6.Quality inspection 7.Packaging   1.Material selection 1:There are two kinds of materials for belt, grain leather and split leather. 2: First, check the color and material of the material against the color card or PPS. A: Check PPS and Check the color

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How to load the goods in two different factories

When we export belts because the belts are relatively small and heavy, the total goods usually add up to less than a 20-foot container; in this case, it is necessary to consider going to two different factories to put the goods together for customs declaration, which will save a lot of shipping freight and customs declaration fees. What

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How to Inspect leather goods in China Factory

As an importer, it is an unavoidable topic for us to go to the Chinese factories for inspection.  Whether it is our own inspection, agency inspection, or third-party inspection, formal and informal, in the final analysis, all these inspections and checks the quality of the products and whether the packaging is produced and arranged according to our requirements. The

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Interpretation of the manufacturing technology of belt buckle

Interpretation of the manufacturing technology of leather belt buckle. Interpretation of the manufacturing process of leather belt buckle: the curved structure of high-strength belt buckle is realized through a special folding and stamping system, using special imported stainless steel material to ensure the strength, elasticity, and toughness of the belt buckle. The editor will take you to have a

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How to Choose Leather Belt Match your suit?

We always said the leather belt is men’s second face, a man’s identity, and the symbol of taste. The suitable belt can be the icing on the cake. But the unsuitable belt would damage the image. So how to choose your good quality leather belt? If you are not a cowboy in the true sense, the choice of

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What Material We Have?

We have a library full of material from leather, cowhide, suede leather, nylon, canvas, acrylic, and many others.

As part of the services for custom belts order, we offer to source for the leather should you have a particular material in mind that is not available in our library.

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