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A detailed explanation of belt production time.


As we said, the belt sample development time promised by our factory is 7-10 days. 

There are hundreds of different styles of belts in our factory. If you choose our factory’s style and the leather belt style and other aspects remain the same, our sample development time can be completed within 7-10 days. After the sample is confirmed, our mass production can be completed and arranged for shipment within 15 days. 

If you need us to develop a new brand for your company and send us your latest design or samples to develop, and you need to customize hardware buckles, cowhide materials, different colors, etc. Then the development samples time is about 15-20 days. The reason is that the available time for customized buckles and materials is around 15 days.



In our factory, the leather belt mass production time and process of customized style for ref as below: 

(1) After the customized model is confirmed, arrange the deposit to order materials for our factory, the deposit is usually 30%, before the final payment is shipped, or see the copy of the bill of lading, etc. 

(2) After we receive your 30% deposit, we will arrange to customize the production materials (hardware, buckles, leather materials, packaging materials, etc.) from our fixed suppliers. The customized bulk materials usually take about 2-3 weeks to return to our factory warehouse. 

(3) When the customized materials come back to the factory warehouse, we will arrange the goods’ production. The specific delivery time will be arranged according to the schedule of our factory. And the usual production time of goods is usually 35 working days. 

(4) After the production of the bulk goods is completed, we will arrange the packing; the packing is usually in the way of our factory (one belt and one transparent tape, one carton for ten days, one carton for six cartons). Still, if you have another packing method, you can also send it to us before packing, and we will pack the belt according to your packing requirements. 

packing detail

(5) After the packing is completed, we will arrange the shipment; the shipping method is usually FOB Guangzhou, but if you have other ports or shipping requirements, we can also change it according to your situation, such as FOB HK; FOB Shenzhen.CIFXXX. 

In short, the leather belt bulk time depends on the style we choose and our different requirements. Anyway, please leave your email information to us, after that we can further discuss all the details.



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