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6 Leather Belt Packaging Ideas


1.Environmental Awareness;

2.Recyclable packaging;

3.Personalized packaging;

4.AHA Moment packaging;

5.Brand packaging;

6. Private customized packaging;


In international trade, the packaging of the leather belts is essential. When leather belts are exported from Chinese factories, they can protect the goods from damage, waterproof and moistureproof; unique good packaging is also a significant selling point. Improve our products’ sales; the most important thing is to deepen our brand’s impression on customers’ minds and strengthen our brand’s promotion.



1.Environmental Awareness-considering whether the packaging is recyclable or biodegradable, Avoid excessive packaging, which will waste materials and create excess garbage and increase unnecessary costs. Environmentally friendly packaging is a perfect selling point for our leather products also.

2.Recyclable packaging-Payoneer company used to give away running t-shirts. It’s a beautiful prize. When they send the prize, do not pack it in a standard plastic bags, but in a brand can. After we receive this gifts, the wrapped cans are not thrown away at will but are often reused as penholders, cups, or even a child’s toy drum! Turn decay into magic! 


Our belts can also be used for reference and can be packaged with exquisite gift boxes so that the boxes can be recycled and printed with our brand on the outside so that they can also advertise for us for free. It’s an excellent idea too.

3.Personalized packaging -for packaging, we can try to break the rules and make it more personalized, not the standard brown packing boxes. We can use various color brand tape to seal the packaging box, instead of the traditional packaging method, break the conventional method, and make our belt products more three-dimensional and more colorful. Add a lot of bright spots and selling points. 

Apple company has become the most valuable company today because it has been breaking with traditional practices. In 1998, a series of colored computers were made to break the rules and bring them back to life.


4.AHA Moment packaging– we can put a warm thank-you note, postcard, etc., in the box package of the belt to write down the company’s gratitude to the customers and convey the company’s gratitude to the customers. 

At the same time, we also encourage customers to maintain interaction with the company. This kind of humanized design will often bring a good impression to customers and receive unexpected results.

5.Brand packaging-we can consider wrapping the goods in a beautiful paper to make it look more delicate? The answer is yes. We can print our company’s brand information on the outer packaging boxes also. Such a small operation can also give our products a unique and brand style.


6.Private customized packaging-. As the post-90s generation has gradually become the mainstay of the market consumer group, the pursuit of personality is becoming more intense. Our consumers can no longer satisfy our consumers with their own personality in the product. 

Customized packaging seems to become the market’s mainstream; customized marketing means leaving a deep impression on consumers’ hearts. Such a unique customized packaging can make our products stand out among similar leather products.



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